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When you thought your SaltNic's couldn't get any better. Here with 5 amazing flavors, 5% Nic level and 0.9ml/POD and a smooth inhale that makes switching easier for you to decide.


  • Cubano - A rich creamy tobacco that will give you a satisfying hit with every puff you take.

  • Lushice - Now we are talking, that classic iced watermelon that everyone one loves to vape on is now a pod.
  • Mighty Mint - Strong, Powerful, and very smooth, with this mint your menthol experience will never be the same.
  • Summer Strawberry - Ah summer time, what everyone has been waiting for, but now you can kick back and relax with a smooth, sweet, succulent strawberry that will make your mouth water.
  • Tropical Mango - A juicy, sweet, ripe and tart mango that will have you believe you’re on a tropical island.
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