About us

    Popie's is a dedicated Vapor Lounge, bringing reasonable pricing and unparalleled customer service to the Vape community. Standing by the products we sell, you can expect quality premium eliquids and brand name products from the top companies worldwide. 

    Starting on Oct. 2013 with a promise, Popie's has served thousands of customers, helping them make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vapor with ease and assurance. Popie's has created a brand of trust and reliability since we've opened by following one simple motto, a happy customer comes back.  



 Smoking was killing me…and I knew it.

     My mother told me and my grandmother told me. My grandfather told me in the most honest of ways, but the habit had it’s grasp. Clinging to my fears of going it alone. Pushing the doubt and worry to the forefront of my mind, creating an endless cycle of regret.

     But cigarettes were my comfort,my release.The nicotine calming my emotionsand relieving my stress.

But cigarettes were also killing me...


      I’ve seen the ads, commercials and various pictures of the damage and devastation that cigarettes cause, though the thought of quitting still terrified me.

      But sometimes things happen in ones life that they can’t prevent. Things that bring with them pain and sorrow. And with that pain and sorrow a promise…

      ...a promise I will never break.

Thank You Popie :)